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qualir launches new version of website

As the business becomes more power,many our customers asked us can we provided other car electronics and car accessories except car dvd player,we want buy more from you.for example,a customer named billy from usa said:”can you provide cheaper and good Floor Mats after bought dvd from qualir”.at the first.we don’t consider that,qualir just only wants to focus on car dvd players.Unexpected, many our customers asked Frequently.so qualir makes a choice to Scale website to
provide huge products for car owners.Now,Qualir raises new mission and goals:”Qualir – car owner’s first choice!”.On November,Qualir launches his new version of site.this new version become more complex,powerful,good experience than the the previous version.ok,let have a look the changes:
1.At first,Qualir addes three mainly categories:
Car Electronics
Automotive Tools
Car Accessories
Below these three categories,Qualir provides more products for car owners to choose.
2.pictures of car dvd players become more high definition.so customers can know the appearance of
products very well.next time.also others will be better.
3.Experience of whole site becomes more friendly.customers can find products,checkout,
and get help easily.

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