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In car DVD GPS Headunit, Autoradio player, Original OEM factory Stereo

Honda CRV Aftermarket Head Unit Installation Guide

The Honda New CR-V DVD Navigation Unit is really Powerful, while the installation for Honda New CR-V is Easy. Don’t be scared away by the appearance and those complex wires. Follow the installation pictures below, you will know it is really “plug and play”.

1.Honda New CR-V original radio
2.Remove the climate control module first
Honda CRV dvd player
3.Unplug the power cable of climate control module first
Honda CRV audio system
4.Loosen the cover-panel over console board by special cutting tool
Honda CRV audio unit
5.Take down the cover-panel over the console board
Honda CRV gps unit
6.Use the special cutting tool to prize up the climate outlet
Honda CRV gps system
7.Take down the climate outlet
Honda CRV navigation unit
8.After remove the decoration parts of console board, but still retain the original amplifier
Honda CRV double din navi
9.Remove the security screws of original unit
Honda CRV entertainment system
10.Take out the original unit
Honda CRV navi unit
11.Have a look of the diagram of the rear
Honda CRV best headunit
12.The effect viewing after removing the original unit
Honda CRV entertainment unit
13.The unit standard cables
Honda CRV dvd stereo
14.The appearance after cable connection
Honda CRV single din unit
15.Attach the special bracket to the unit
Honda CRV indash stereo
16.Have a look at the cables connection of the rear
17.Lay the IPOD and USB cable
Honda CRV built-in navigation unit
18.Test various functions before install the unit into the household
Honda CRV all in one unit
19.Test rear camera function
Honda CRV indash gps stereo
20.After testing various functions, install the unit in place
Honda CRV single din unit
21.Have a further test after installation
Honda CRV dvd touchscreen
22.Test the GPS navigation
Honda CRV HD video with gps
23.In-car effect after installing Honda CR-V unit
Honda CRV after market unit


   1. Easy to pick the decoration frame at the both sides of the climate outlet when removing, just pull the outlet outward properly.
   2. Do not scratch the decoration frame when remove the climate module.
   3. Carefully remove the gear decoration panel.
   4. Be careful to protect the in-car decoration when install the unit.
   5. The space behind the household is large, make sure tie the cable well in case of shock when driving.
   6. Carefully lay the IPOD and USB cables.

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