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In car DVD GPS Headunit, Autoradio player, Original OEM factory Stereo

How to install DVD GPS Navigation for Honda FIT

1.Factory CD unit

autoradio dvd gps stereo for honda fit install

2.Open the glove box

honda new fit car dvd player sat navi built in gps

3.Remove the screw of glove box

4.Remove the screw of glove box

5.Remove the screw of glove box

6.Remove the screw of glove box

7.Remove the screw under the factory unit

8.Remove the screw under the factory unit

9.Take out the factory unit

10.Remove the factory unit

11.Remove the factory unit

12.Pull out the power cable of factory unit

13.Remove the screw of AC

14.Remove the screw of AC

15.Remove the screw of AC

16.Remove the screw of AC

17.Remove the screw of AC

18.Pull out the air outlet of AC

19.Remove the ward light

20.Install the air letout with FLYAUDIO unit

21.Installed unit!

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