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How to Install the Audi Q3 Navigation DVD GPS Player

QL-ADI792 – the car gps navigation for 2012-2013 Audi Q3 is available at QualiR(www.autodvdgps.com) now, which comes with 8 inch HD touch screen, based on Wince 6.0 operation system. This Audi Q3 gps can support many kinds of gps maps like igo, tomtom, route 66, papago etc. It also comes with bluetooth and an external microphone built-in.


Built in GPS navigation, it can support 2D/3D map software! With the original POP function,  you can use two or three functions at the same time. To learn more about it, please click HERE.

Please make sure your original car doesn’t come with the navigation system. Because our unit cann’t be used in the cars with nav.system!

You don’t need to remove your original CD player and radio to install this Audi Q3 dvd navigation, so you can keep radio and CD working as normal. The installation is not difficult for a professional technician, though we provide the installation manual for this Audi Q3 head unit, if you are not professional for installation, we highly suggest you asking a professional mechanic to install it for you.

Installation notes for Audi Q3 navigation:

Please check the appearance and the unit functions before install the unit.
Don’t shorten or extend the gps antenna, that will lead to the antenna problem
Don’t make the gps antenna winding the steering wheel and shift lever, that’s dangerous
Don’t use strong chemicals, cleaning agents to washing the machine
Please use a clean soft fabric to wipe the screen
Please don’t self-service, maintance or install the unit if you are not professional, if the power is on, don’t install or repair the unit.
Please protect the original display when the staff dismounting the original CD and keep it, try to use the original screw.
Navigation and rearview camera(if you choose it) only do auxiliary function, it can’t replace your attention and judgment.

The installation for this unit is similar with the Audi Q5 navigation installation, you can download the detailed installation instructions for Audi Q3 navigation gps unit via this link >>> Audi Q3 navigation installation instruction.

Please note: the publicity material only for reference, we don’t make the further notice if the information have any changes, and QualiR has the final explannation right!

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